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What is DC210?

DC210, the DEF CON Community group based out of San Antonio, Texas. Almost every major city of the world has a DEF CON-Group or DC Groups, the San Antonio DCGroup consists of many of the same people who lecture at the convention. Both enthusiasts and professionals in the technology & security industries. Meetings are open to everyone, regardless of skill set, age, job, or gender. Our goal is to help people learn new things, and meet new people locally.

When do we meet?
The DC210 DEF CON San Antonio Group meets once a month on the 3rd or 4th Wednesday of the month.  Currently meeting Virtually.




March 13, 2020:  

Statement on Corona virus (COVID-19)

Information  about COVID-19 transmission, infection and recovery is emerging daily.  At DC210 the health and safety of our members, attendees, guests and  speakers is always our priority. As members of the community, we  continue to monitor the rapidly evolving guidance surrounding the Corona  virus (COVID-19). Leaders of many Cities and States are enacting rules  limiting the size of conferences, events, gatherings and asking for  extra safety to be taken in all public events.  Therefore, DC210 has  decided to enact our emergency contingency measures to ensure the safety  of all attendees, this means all meetings will be streamed online - and  are available free to anyone interested in attending.

** Effective  immediately we will transition our monthly meetings to Virtual-Online  Meetings until June 30th and then we will re-evaluate. 

Thank you,


--------------- May 21, MEETING DETAILS --------------

May 21, 2020 : 6:30pm

> 6:30 - Introductions

> 6:40 -  Phillip Wylie - Red Teaming a life choice

> 7:15 -  Joseph - Red Team and DEF CON Going Virtual

> 8:15 -  Closing and DISCORD Social Time

-----------------  APRIL 22nd MEETING DETAILS  ---------------------

Next Meeting Date & Location:  4/22/2020


> 6:30 - Introductions

> 6:40 -  Paul Guido - Securing your DNS

> 7:15 -  Joseph - Red Team "May'Hem" Summit  (May 16th, 2020)

> 8:15 -  Closing and DISCORD Social Time

REGISTER ONLINE : https://dc210.eventbrite.com/

More Details:  https://www.meetup.com/DEFCON210

Signup for the Discord Server - email admin _ala_ dc210 _ io

Please invite your co-workers, your friends, family and anyone you feel would benefit.

All meetings open to the public, we enforce a strict Zero Tolerance Policy, no harassment of any kind, be respectful of each other. aka Rule #1 - Don't be a jerk.

Also feel free to Join-us on Slack:   dc-210.slack.com

---------------- DECEMBER MEETING -----------------------------

Past Meetings:


12/17/19 Speakers:

  • Malware Outpost - David Lister, Cisco Systems
  • Phishing; Don't get Hooked - Glenn Howard from, IPSECURE, Inc
  • Wrapup - Joseph , Coordinator DC210

01/15/2020 Speakers:

  • Opening Remarks: Jayson E. Street , DEF CON Groups Ambassador
  • Speaker: Vesh from SAHA - Kali Linux Tricks and Tips, Setup your environment
  • Social Time & Closing Speaker:  @CedoXx

02/19/2020 Speakers:

  • 6:30pm Opening Remarks:  Priya
  • 7:00pm Trainer:  James Boyd, Developing Capture the Flag Challenges
  • 8:00pm Social Time & Closing Speaker:  Joseph

03/25/2020 -Speakers:     (First Virtual Event)

  • 6:30 -  Virtual Introductions
  • 6:40 -  Speaker 1 - George Reeves - Homeland Security, The State of ICS/Scada
  • 7:15 -  Speaker 2 - Red Team Tools & Tactics, WebApp Hacking for Beginners
  •  8:15 -  Closing and Discord Social Time.

Want to Help with DC210 ?  Now is your opportunity, email to admin (el) dc210.io  and we will get back with you !


Group Managed by: CedoXx  and the user community


Prepare your Briefing

DC210 Welcomes all speakers, seasoned professional to new speakers to the track, researchers, white paper writers, developers, security professionals, hardware, software and technology talks are all welcome.

Send your request to "Speak at DC210.IO


Sponsor DC210

DEFCON210 - DC210 Welcomes all companies, individuals, Small business, Corporate sponsors, user groups, meetups, associations to sponsor DC210. Your involvement and commitment to helping spread Cybersecurity Awareness will be greatly received and appreciated by the community.


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